So, you found a Ransomware Canary

So, you’ve been digging around in your computer and found some odd files that guided you here?  Great!  We applaud your curiosity and technical sneaking skills!

Similar to how miners used canaries in the coal mines to detect harmful gasses like carbon monoxide, one piece of our security arsenal – called Huntress – uses these files (called Ransomware Canaries) to detect a harmful type of computer virus called ransomware. If this file is changed, moved, or deleted, it will trigger an alert to the Huntress service, and by proxy us, notifying every one of the possibility of a ransomware outbreak on your network. It’s important that you do not modify the files or their location in any way (otherwise we’ll think you’re under attack!). They are typically hidden, take up very little storage space, and not harmful in any way. They are small examples of common file types, such as documents or images.

If you’re like us and are interested in the technical details, please read this article from our partner, Huntress Labs.